Fishing Boats

Permanent fishing boats                                                         £11.60 per metre

Permanent fishing boats low landings                                    £26.75 per metre

Casual fishing boats landing                                                  £7.00 per night


Casual fishing boats not landing                                           £27.50 per night

Angling/Charter Boats

Home port boat on Quay berth

£42.25 per metre

Home port boat on mooring

£35.00 per metre

Home port boat – Permit

£285.00 per annum

Casual visitors

£55.00 per night

Commercial Kayaking/Paddleboarding

£255 per annum

Pleasure Boats

Boats on Permanent mooring 

£35.00  metre

 Boats  using port on a casual Basis 

Up to 10m  £22.92 (£27.50) per night 

Over 10m   £26.67 (32.00) per night

Casual Launch Harbour Dues 

£22.92 (£27.50) per day

£58.33 (70.00) per week

£95.83 (115.00) per annum 

Miscellaneous Charges

Fish Landing Dues 

          4% per £ advalorem

Ice   £90.00 per Tonne 

Over the side /through put oil deliveries

          1.5p per litre

Water not using Quay Metres 

          from £10.00

Refuse / Skip usage

          from £10.00

All prices are exclusive of VAT, where prices are listed in (brackets) they include VAT at 20%, VAT invoices supplied as standard